About Me:

My bro my sis ben

Image: © Delia Spatareanu

I am a freelance artist and performer, who specialises in: Devising, movement and contemporary theatre. I graduated from Dartington College of Arts/Falmouth University in 2011, where I studied ‘Theatre with Choreographic Practices’.

I am interested in exploring unique ways of creating innovative performance for a varied audience, working largely with an emphasis on collaboration. Often working from endurance based tasks, exploration of memory and improvisational exercises.   Highlighted work includes, ‘A Silent Duet’: A Performance created whilst undertaking a month’s silence. And ‘From Here Dotąd‘: A performance made whilst walking 1000 miles, from London to Warsaw.

I have co-founded several devising theatre companies including: Totally Irrelevant Theatre Company, with whom I toured the South West region with multiple devised workshops, performances and installations, as well as working alongside ARROW (Art: A Resource for Reconciliation Over the World), Barefoot and the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth. I also work with co-founded company, Ingo Theatre. Who’s devised piece ‘My Brother, My Sister‘ was nominated for the NEU\NOW Festival 2011 and was selected for the festival’s online showcase.

Furthermore, I have worked with multiple professional companies as a freelance performer. Including: Protein Dance, Hyperfusion and Bicycle Ballet.


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