Below are all the productions I worked on prior to 2009. To view projects from other years, click the relevant year from the ‘past projects’ tab. Or, alternatively click ‘All’ to view all past work in chronological order.


Narcissus and Echo


Image: © Ben Driscoll

Company S1, 2009

Adapted from the Greek myth of Narcissus, this site specific piece took an audience back to the times of myth and legend. Converting the idyllic forest and riverbanks of Dartington, Devon, to take our audience to a new world where they follow the story of the arrogant Narcissus and his encounter with the Forest Nymph Echo and the Greek God Nemesis.

A Slow Wave Duet

SlowWave pic3

CrashDuo, 2008-2011

If You Were Sleepwalking Forever, Would you find anyone else sleepwalking too… A Lost Duo, falling Through Slumber. Two Men Stuck in their dreams, dead to the world, try to reach one another.

‘A SlowWave Duet’ was Crash Duo’s (Ben Driscoll and Danny Prosser) first performance together. It sees two blindfolded, pyjama clad sleepwalkers slowly ambling around a festival environment, searching for places to sleep and for one another. Interacting physically through improvisation with one another and any audience they encounter.

It was reworked in 2011 to be performed as an interactive installation.

Other Performances

The Trial

SHSB, Focus Theatre, Jay C Productions, Pre-2008

Prior to 2008 I have been involved in numerous performances at my high school, theatre groups and also through self initiated projects. These include, among others: The Zoo Story, The Trial, Coram Boy, Gizmo, Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar, On The Razzle, Grease and Charlie and the Amazing Chocolate Factory.

A video of The Trial can be viewed here.