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Individual Theatre, 2015

‘IT’S one difficult juggling act, bringing Shakespeare to the stage in a way that’s authentic, engaging yet truly innovative – but Individual Theatre [Directed be Ben Driscoll] hit the spot with their deliciously dark rendition of Macbeth.’ – Hannah Butler, Express & Echo

For this production, I took the role of Director.

A new production of Shakespeare’s classic that utilised traditional performance techniques, with a twist into the staging to create a new experience for the audience. Performing in a vast, multi-floor space. Exploring the relationship between characters over a distance and how it shifts when they then have closeness. Using Macro and Micro elements: The big picture and minute detail of an actor’s character work. With a grand spectacle that draws upon focusing the audience’s attention onto minute moments of performance. Incorporating elements of Live Streaming to mix the classical with modern theatre elements.

A promotional trailer for the production can be viewed here.

More information about the production, as well as the production diary can be viewed here.

From Here Dotąd

Ben Driscoll, Alfie Heffer, Stefan Andersson, 2014

From here… Dotąd

From London… To Warsaw

A walk undertaken by Ben Driscoll and Alfie Heffer from London to Warsaw, joined by Stefan Andersson on the way. En route devising a performance, exploring improvisation, task based exercises and chance encounters. Our undetermined path is our context.

Across 1000 miles, of unexpected happenings, boots and blisters, people and places met. As we ask, how can we be present in the world? How can the world be present in us?

‘If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again, – if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man, then you are ready for a walk.’

– Henry David Thoreau, Walking (1862)

The performance was part of the inaugural ‘Nomadic Arts Festival‘, which took place in 2014 in Warsaw and Charchiabalda, Poland. The festival website can be viewed here.

More information on the walk, including updates written en route can be followed here.

The Tempest

Playing Ariel in The Tempest

Image: © Matt Bastone

Individual Theatre, 2014

‘Ariel (Ben Driscoll) is simply amazing – acrobat, dancer, director, singer – the embodiment of beauteous mankind…’ - Anna Marks, Remote Goat

Shakespeare’s classic tale of shipwreck, treachery, love and magic; ‘The Tempest‘. For this production, I undertook the highly physical and magical role of Ariel. A sprite under the power of puppet-master Prospero, influencing and guiding the other characters from the shadows; using magic and trickery to fulfill Prospero’s plans. Performed with a mixture of acrobatics, parkour and more classical theatre techniques to take on the embodiment of a character that is nothing more than air.

Within this production, I also undertook the role of Assistant Director.

A promotional trailer for the production can be viewed here.

A full length video of the production can be viewed here.

More information about the production, as well as the production diary can be viewed here.

Lets Breathe in the Dragons

Body of Work

Image: © Mads Floor Andersen

Mads Floor Andersen, 2013

Lets Breathe in the Dragons was the culmination of an exploration by Mads Floor Andersen into ecology, walking and the Welsh drover’s roads. In collaboration with Mads a performance event was made in an old barn in Rural Aberystwyth. Along with assisting in the organisation of this, I also devised and performed in a duo alongside Mads and a trio with both Mads and Jess Allen. Other participants included Simon Whitehead, Bruce Smith and Erwyd Howells.

More details about the performance can be viewed here.

The Trial

The Trial Performance Photo

Image: © Individual Arts

Individual Theatre, 2013

Individual Theatre’s production of The Trial was a new adaptation of Kafka’s text by artistic director, Chris Harknett. A Highly stylised adaptation of Kafka’s work, with imagery of voyeurism and entrapment.

For this production I worked as assistant director; Taking notes as an outside eye, giving suggestions to the performers and working closely alongside the director to assist his vision of the play.

A Full video of the production can be viewed Here.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero

Image: © ray gibson

Bicycle Ballet, 2013

On a quest for adventure and self-discovery, a reluctant hero crosses the threshold and plunges into a forest of fear. Through real and imagined landscapes, helped and hindered by people and creatures along the way, the hero must battle demons to return with untold riches on a tandem.

Everyday Hero is a unique, outdoor dance production, performed by a company of sighted and visually impaired dancers.

Everyday Hero toured multiple festivals and events around the UK in 2013, including Cardiff’s Unity Festival, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and Liberty Festival, at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

A trailer of the piece can be viewed here.

Lilac / Telephone

lilac screenshot

Image: © Ben Driscoll

Ben Driscoll / Satellite Collective, 2013

Lilac is a short film of movement and text made in collaboration with BBC writer, Tracey Hammett.

Lilac was developed as a submission for ‘Telephone‘ by ‘The Satellite Collective‘. A project based on Chinese whispers; whereby international artists respond to one anothers work and pass the creative message around the globe.

My input was made in response to a sculpture made by an anonymous Dutch artist. Filmed in three locations that have had some impact upon my growing up; it explores themes of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Information for ‘Telephone’ can be found here.

Lilac may be viewed here.



Image: © Hyperfusion

Hyperfusion, 2012-2013

Hyperfusion is a Theatre In Education Company that tours around schools in Essex and Hertfordshire, using forum theatre techniques to allow students to practice and resolve key issues.

‘Bobbie’ fuses puppetry, imagination, comedy, magical moments, and an opportunity to be heard alongside exploring a serious issue in a very unique and active way. We need our audience to get involved as they are there to help Bobbie with how to deal with the issues she is going through and the audience gets to see how their advice works according to what they suggest. And it doesn’t just stop there. We know that magic answers don’t always work so the audience gets to try and try again until we are all happy that things are changing. And some of the audience may want to even get up and have a go. We at HyperFusion call it a ‘rehearsal for life in a safe environment’ and it’s what we do every day in our work.

You Me Bum Bum Train [Stratford]

You Me Bum Bum Train

Image: © Location House

You Me Bum Bum Train, 2012

In an exhilarating, participatory adventure, you are the sole audience member, a passenger who journeys through a maze of live scenes. You will be catapulted into unimaginable situations before being returned to the outside world, breathless, invigorated and left wanting more.

I was involved as one of around 4,000 volunteer performers and performed in numerous scenes over a period of two weeks.

(In)Visible Dancing

Image: © Skiddle Ltd

Protein Dance, 2012

Each (In)visible Dancing event runs over a period of 8-10 days. It starts off as a small event and increases in size every day; the first time it appears, it is barely recognisable as dance as it develops from what looks like incidental, even strange behaviour on the streets. Each time it is presented it becomes more ‘visible’, and gradually becomes a fully-fledged dance performance that engages with the architecture of each location and the behaviour of the passers-by. Finally ‘(In)visible Dancing’ culminates in a thrilling Finale that brings together around a hundred performers, including local dance groups and passers-by that have learned the routine.

I worked with Protein Dance, during their two week period in Southend-On-Sea, as a freelance performer. Being gradually integrated into their routine and performing alongside the company each day as well as developing unique sections for (In)visible Dancing that incorporated the unique architecture of the area. A video of the piece can be viewed Here.

My Brother, My Sister

brother-sister performance 02

Image: © Delia Spatareanu

Ingo Theatre, 2011

“My Brother, My Sister triggered emotions which I did not realise were still inside me…” – Misri Day, Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University

My Brother, My Sister is a devised piece of theatre that explores themes of sibling relationships, childhood and memory. With a fragmented, often recursive, structure, the piece invites audiences to reminisce about their past and look closer at the people who had an impact on shaping them into the person they have become – whether it be siblings, family or close friends.Starting the devising process with autobiographical material, Ingo Theatre then worked on their personal stories and memories to bring out universal images of sibling rivalry, childhood games, and important ‘growing up’ events such as birthday parties. The result is an intimate piece of theatre, mixing physical imagery and text, where the stories being told are the audience’s own.

‘My Brother, My Sister’ was nominated for the NEU\NOW Festival 2011 and was selected for the festival’s online showcase. A video of the piece can be viewed Here.


Image: © Harriet Quinn

Harriet Quinn and Company, 2011

Shakti was developed by choreographer Harriet Quinn, through three years of exploration and discovery and research looking into women and dance. Shakti - the divine feminine creative power, looks at the multifaceted importance of womanhood, exploring ideas of mis-communication between men and women, perceptions of the opposite sex and the power of the female creative energy.

A short film version of the piece can be viewed Here.

A full length film of the live performance can be viewed Here.


(Un)Noticed Post-People

Image: © Gina Jackson

Post-People, 2011

(Un)noticed is a devised performance that explores what goes noticed and unnoticed every day. Taking the start point of gestures observed and copied from passers by; adapting them and presenting in a choreographic format for our audience to view. Whilst also further playing with the audience’s focus, creating moments for them to miss and wondering what the keen eye of this observational collective could still leave unnoticed.

A Silent Duet

Silent Duet

Image: © Paul White

CrashDuo, 2010-2011

Between the 1st and 31st of October, Danny Prosser and Ben Driscoll (CrashDuo) were silent. Without words. Spoken and Written. To each other. To anyone they met. They made a performance.

A Silent Duet was the culmination of an exploration into the possibility of interacting without reliance upon vocal communication. Throughout The month of October i was silent along with collaborator Danny Prosser. We interacted with one another and our environment whilst silent and devised a show entirely through physical interaction.

A trailer for the production can be viewed Here.

A Full video of the performance can be viewed Here.

We Didn’t Know

Image: ©

Sheri Burt, Ben Driscoll, Ella Hurman and Danny Prosser, 2010

A collaboration between Sheri Burt and Ella Hurman. Working in different locations within The Poly, Falmouth; researching present-ness, mindfulness and control. A space to play, enquire, question, be, for 6-weeks.This residency culminated in a showing of work ‘We Didn’t Know’, collaborating with myself and Danny Prosser. The final performance was improvised using 8 different stimulus (objects and sounds) that the performers could work with.



Image: © Paul White

Totally Irrelevant Theatre Company, 2010

Condiments Was Devised During a Week Long Residency at Tournedos No.1 Restaurant in Taunton, Somerset. It was developed to be performed amongst the diners for a ‘Unique Dining Experience’. With set performances being ordered off a unique menu, alongside the numerous skits and characters ongoing at and around guests tables.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

APFYT Barbican

Image: © Barbican Theatre

Totally Irrelevant Theatre Company, 2009-2010

The Floor is covered in paper, The paper is covered in questions, Four people stand around in suits, They introduce you to the game, You watch them watch you.

When entering the space the audience are given a set of instructions and a handful of pennies. Free to wander around and participate, the audience are able to sit and watch as the performers pull up their sleeves and begin to gamble with decisions. This theatrical installation piece deals with questions we ask ourselves far too much or perhaps, not enough.

This interactive installation was devised by the company in 2009. After successfully receiving funding, it was re-performed and toured the South West region in 2010. Working alongside organisations including: Arrow, Barefoot and The Barbican Theatre Plymouth.

Dart Walks


Image: © Ben Driscoll

The River Walkers, 2010

Dart Walks consisted of a series of walks to explore the River Dart and our relationship with it. Each walk had a different Task, focus and form of documentation. The walks were: Pooh Sticks Walk, Hiding walk, Rubbish Walk and Entire Walk. The material gathered was created into an installation to mark the experience and share it with an audience.

The Walks were created to mark the closing of our university, Dartington College of Arts, and its Merging with Falmouth University. Farewell to the Dart. Greetings to the Fal.

Narcissus and Echo


Image: © Ben Driscoll

Company S1, 2009

Adapted from the Greek myth of Narcissus, this site specific piece took an audience back to the times of myth and legend. Converting the idyllic forest and riverbanks of Dartington, Devon, to take our audience to a new world where they follow the story of the arrogant Narcissus and his encounter with the Forest Nymph Echo and the Greek God Nemesis.

A Slow Wave Duet

SlowWave pic3

CrashDuo, 2008-2011

If You Were Sleepwalking Forever, Would you find anyone else sleepwalking too… A Lost Duo, falling Through Slumber. Two Men Stuck in their dreams, dead to the world, try to reach one another.

‘A SlowWave Duet’ was Crash Duo’s (Ben Driscoll and Danny Prosser) first performance together. It sees two blindfolded, pyjama clad sleepwalkers slowly ambling around a festival environment, searching for places to sleep and for one another. Interacting physically through improvisation with one another and any audience they encounter.

It was reworked in 2011 to be performed as an interactive installation.

Other Performances

The Trial

SHSB, Focus Theatre, Jay C Productions, Pre-2008

Prior to 2008 I have been involved in numerous performances at my high school, theatre groups and also through self initiated projects. These include, among others: The Zoo Story, The Trial, Coram Boy, Gizmo, Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar, On The Razzle, Grease and Charlie and the Amazing Chocolate Factory.

A video of The Trial can be viewed here.