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Individual Theatre, 2015

‘IT’S one difficult juggling act, bringing Shakespeare to the stage in a way that’s authentic, engaging yet truly innovative – but Individual Theatre [Directed be Ben Driscoll] hit the spot with their deliciously dark rendition of Macbeth.’ – Hannah Butler, Express & Echo

For this production, I took the role of Director.

A new production of Shakespeare’s classic that utilised traditional performance techniques, with a twist into the staging to create a new experience for the audience. Performing in a vast, multi-floor space. Exploring the relationship between characters over a distance and how it shifts when they then have closeness. Using Macro and Micro elements: The big picture and minute detail of an actor’s character work. With a grand spectacle that draws upon focusing the audience’s attention onto minute moments of performance. Incorporating elements of Live Streaming to mix the classical with modern theatre elements.

A promotional trailer for the production can be viewed here.

More information about the production, as well as the production diary can be viewed here.