Below are all the productions I worked on in 2013. To view projects from other years, click the relevant year from the ‘past projects’ tab. Or, alternatively click ‘All‘ to view all past work in chronological order.


Lets Breathe in the Dragons

Body of Work

Image: © Mads Floor Andersen

Mads Floor Andersen, 2013

Lets Breathe in the Dragons was the culmination of an exploration by Mads Floor Andersen into ecology, walking and the Welsh drover’s roads. In collaboration with Mads a performance event was made in an old barn in Rural Aberystwyth. Along with assisting in the organisation of this, I also devised and performed in a duo alongside Mads and a trio with both Mads and Jess Allen. Other participants included Simon Whitehead, Bruce Smith and Erwyd Howells.

More details about the performance can be viewed here.

The Trial

The Trial Performance Photo

Image: © Individual Arts

Individual Theatre, 2013

Individual Theatre’s production of The Trial was a new adaptation of Kafka’s text by artistic director, Chris Harknett. A Highly stylised adaptation of Kafka’s work, with imagery of voyeurism and entrapment.

For this production I worked as assistant director; Taking notes as an outside eye, giving suggestions to the performers and working closely alongside the director to assist his vision of the play.

A Full video of the production can be viewed Here.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero

Image: © ray gibson

Bicycle Ballet, 2013

On a quest for adventure and self-discovery, a reluctant hero crosses the threshold and plunges into a forest of fear. Through real and imagined landscapes, helped and hindered by people and creatures along the way, the hero must battle demons to return with untold riches on a tandem.

Everyday Hero is a unique, outdoor dance production, performed by a company of sighted and visually impaired dancers.

Everyday Hero toured multiple festivals and events around the UK in 2013, including Cardiff’s Unity Festival, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and Liberty Festival, at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

A trailer of the piece can be viewed here.

Lilac / Telephone

lilac screenshot

Image: © Ben Driscoll

Ben Driscoll / Satellite Collective, 2013

Lilac is a short film of movement and text made in collaboration with BBC writer, Tracey Hammett.

Lilac was developed as a submission for ‘Telephone‘ by ‘The Satellite Collective‘. A project based on Chinese whispers; whereby international artists respond to one anothers work and pass the creative message around the globe.

My input was made in response to a sculpture made by an anonymous Dutch artist. Filmed in three locations that have had some impact upon my growing up; it explores themes of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Information for ‘Telephone’ can be found here.

Lilac may be viewed here.