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Image: © Hyperfusion

Hyperfusion, 2012-2013

Hyperfusion is a Theatre In Education Company that tours around schools in Essex and Hertfordshire, using forum theatre techniques to allow students to practice and resolve key issues.

‘Bobbie’ fuses puppetry, imagination, comedy, magical moments, and an opportunity to be heard alongside exploring a serious issue in a very unique and active way. We need our audience to get involved as they are there to help Bobbie with how to deal with the issues she is going through and the audience gets to see how their advice works according to what they suggest. And it doesn’t just stop there. We know that magic answers don’t always work so the audience gets to try and try again until we are all happy that things are changing. And some of the audience may want to even get up and have a go. We at HyperFusion call it a ‘rehearsal for life in a safe environment’ and it’s what we do every day in our work.

You Me Bum Bum Train [Stratford]

You Me Bum Bum Train

Image: © Location House

You Me Bum Bum Train, 2012

In an exhilarating, participatory adventure, you are the sole audience member, a passenger who journeys through a maze of live scenes. You will be catapulted into unimaginable situations before being returned to the outside world, breathless, invigorated and left wanting more.

I was involved as one of around 4,000 volunteer performers and performed in numerous scenes over a period of two weeks.

(In)Visible Dancing

Image: © Skiddle Ltd

Protein Dance, 2012

Each (In)visible Dancing event runs over a period of 8-10 days. It starts off as a small event and increases in size every day; the first time it appears, it is barely recognisable as dance as it develops from what looks like incidental, even strange behaviour on the streets. Each time it is presented it becomes more ‘visible’, and gradually becomes a fully-fledged dance performance that engages with the architecture of each location and the behaviour of the passers-by. Finally ‘(In)visible Dancing’ culminates in a thrilling Finale that brings together around a hundred performers, including local dance groups and passers-by that have learned the routine.

I worked with Protein Dance, during their two week period in Southend-On-Sea, as a freelance performer. Being gradually integrated into their routine and performing alongside the company each day as well as developing unique sections for (In)visible Dancing that incorporated the unique architecture of the area. A video of the piece can be viewed Here.