Below are all the productions I worked on in 2011. To view projects from other years, click the relevant year from the ‘past projects’ tab. Or, alternatively click ‘All‘ to view all past work in chronological order.


My Brother, My Sister

brother-sister performance 02

Image: © Delia Spatareanu

Ingo Theatre, 2011

“My Brother, My Sister triggered emotions which I did not realise were still inside me…” – Misri Day, Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University

My Brother, My Sister is a devised piece of theatre that explores themes of sibling relationships, childhood and memory. With a fragmented, often recursive, structure, the piece invites audiences to reminisce about their past and look closer at the people who had an impact on shaping them into the person they have become – whether it be siblings, family or close friends.Starting the devising process with autobiographical material, Ingo Theatre then worked on their personal stories and memories to bring out universal images of sibling rivalry, childhood games, and important ‘growing up’ events such as birthday parties. The result is an intimate piece of theatre, mixing physical imagery and text, where the stories being told are the audience’s own.

‘My Brother, My Sister’ was nominated for the NEU\NOW Festival 2011 and was selected for the festival’s online showcase. A video of the piece can be viewed Here.


Image: © Harriet Quinn

Harriet Quinn and Company, 2011

Shakti was developed by choreographer Harriet Quinn, through three years of exploration and discovery and research looking into women and dance. Shakti - the divine feminine creative power, looks at the multifaceted importance of womanhood, exploring ideas of mis-communication between men and women, perceptions of the opposite sex and the power of the female creative energy.

A short film version of the piece can be viewed Here.

A full length film of the live performance can be viewed Here.


(Un)Noticed Post-People

Image: © Gina Jackson

Post-People, 2011

(Un)noticed is a devised performance that explores what goes noticed and unnoticed every day. Taking the start point of gestures observed and copied from passers by; adapting them and presenting in a choreographic format for our audience to view. Whilst also further playing with the audience’s focus, creating moments for them to miss and wondering what the keen eye of this observational collective could still leave unnoticed.

A Silent Duet

Silent Duet

Image: © Paul White

CrashDuo, 2010-2011

Between the 1st and 31st of October, Danny Prosser and Ben Driscoll (CrashDuo) were silent. Without words. Spoken and Written. To each other. To anyone they met. They made a performance.

A Silent Duet was the culmination of an exploration into the possibility of interacting without reliance upon vocal communication. Throughout The month of October i was silent along with collaborator Danny Prosser. We interacted with one another and our environment whilst silent and devised a show entirely through physical interaction.

A trailer for the production can be viewed Here.

A Full video of the performance can be viewed Here.