Below are all the productions I worked on in 2010. To view projects from other years, click the relevant year from the ‘past projects’ tab. Or, alternatively click ‘All‘ to view all past work in chronological order.


We Didn’t Know

Image: © SheriBurt.com

Sheri Burt, Ben Driscoll, Ella Hurman and Danny Prosser, 2010

A collaboration between Sheri Burt and Ella Hurman. Working in different locations within The Poly, Falmouth; researching present-ness, mindfulness and control. A space to play, enquire, question, be, for 6-weeks.This residency culminated in a showing of work ‘We Didn’t Know’, collaborating with myself and Danny Prosser. The final performance was improvised using 8 different stimulus (objects and sounds) that the performers could work with.



Image: © Paul White

Totally Irrelevant Theatre Company, 2010

Condiments Was Devised During a Week Long Residency at Tournedos No.1 Restaurant in Taunton, Somerset. It was developed to be performed amongst the diners for a ‘Unique Dining Experience’. With set performances being ordered off a unique menu, alongside the numerous skits and characters ongoing at and around guests tables.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

APFYT Barbican

Image: © Barbican Theatre

Totally Irrelevant Theatre Company, 2009-2010

The Floor is covered in paper, The paper is covered in questions, Four people stand around in suits, They introduce you to the game, You watch them watch you.

When entering the space the audience are given a set of instructions and a handful of pennies. Free to wander around and participate, the audience are able to sit and watch as the performers pull up their sleeves and begin to gamble with decisions. This theatrical installation piece deals with questions we ask ourselves far too much or perhaps, not enough.

This interactive installation was devised by the company in 2009. After successfully receiving funding, it was re-performed and toured the South West region in 2010. Working alongside organisations including: Arrow, Barefoot and The Barbican Theatre Plymouth.

Dart Walks


Image: © Ben Driscoll

The River Walkers, 2010

Dart Walks consisted of a series of walks to explore the River Dart and our relationship with it. Each walk had a different Task, focus and form of documentation. The walks were: Pooh Sticks Walk, Hiding walk, Rubbish Walk and Entire Walk. The material gathered was created into an installation to mark the experience and share it with an audience.

The Walks were created to mark the closing of our university, Dartington College of Arts, and its Merging with Falmouth University. Farewell to the Dart. Greetings to the Fal.