Below is a selection of documentation I have made for various projects I have been involved in. It may be possible to read more of these documentation upon request. Please do so by emailing me at:

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My Brother, My Sister (2011)

A Documentation of the Process of the creation of ‘My Brother, My Sister‘ by Ingo Theatre. Included is detailed information on devising methods, origins of material used in the piece, photographs and analysis of the overall Performance. The Documentation is presented in a reminiscent format of a Children’s book, with music played by pressing buttons on the right.

Un(noticed) Performance Documentation (2011)

A Documentation following the work of Post-People in their devising of ‘Un(noticed)’, as well as earlier research i conducted prior to joining Post-People. The Documentation is presented as a spot the difference with two sides showing almost identical text and images but with subtle differences to see if you notice.

The Body as a Communicator (2011)

This Book follows my exploration when undertaking a month’s silence, for the creation of ‘A Silent Duet‘. It discusses: Encounters, problems and observations made whilst removing my voice for the month of October. It is presented in a book used within the performance, with all text in the book blacked out.

Observing, Dissecting and Reassembling Environment (2010)

This Map presents exercises, techniques and practices undertaken for an exploration of the River Dart and producing performance inspired from it. This project was lead by Living StructuresKlaus Kruse. It also documents the tasks and processes used when undertaking and creating the installation ‘Dart Walks’. It is presented in a map used for one of our walks; with writing placed in a location corresponding to where it was that I was writing about.

Take me to the Bridge (2010)

This Documentation follows an extensive exploration into creating performance related to the theme ‘Take me to the bridge’. An exploration heavily reliant upon improvisational practices and story gathering techniques as well as relevant research. The company was lead by Wrights & Sites member Simon Persighetti. Culminating in a Devised Performance based around the power of the sea. It is presented in the format of some architectural papers.

Improvisation into Choreography (2010)

This book and collection of photos follows myself and a group of practitioners exploring movement improvisation and converting it into choreographed performance. The program was lead by s h i f t s artists Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstaetter. Finding numerous start points and learning techniques for developing movement using techniques such as Mary Overlie’s six viewpoint method. It is presented within a photo album and includes self developed black and white photos.


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