Current Projects

The Private Ear

GramophoneDriscoll, Streames and Warne, 2015

A revival of Peter Schaffer’s bittersweet comedy from the 1960’s. Classical loving Bob, has found a different kind of girl and invites her to dinner. With help from his friend, the smooth talking Ted he sets about for a romantic evening. Though we soon discover Doreen finds classical music as tedious as Bob’s conversation. Perhaps Ted is more her cup of tea…

We will be touring this production in London, Southend and Exeter late May/Early June.

For this production I will be playing the role of Ted

Strictly Cycling

Strictly Cycling

Image: © Karen Poley

Bicycle Ballet, 2013-2015

Strictly Cycling plays with the everyday events and experiences of riding a bike, adding a hint of the surreal and comical, to change the way you think about cycling and your city spaces.

Strictly Cycling is a strolling / cycling, promenade-style performance inspired by the flash mob phenomenon. Five to ten professional dancers perform choreographed and improvised routines on, off, over and around their bicycles, in almost any location.

The show has been performed at numerous festivals and events, including at the Olympic Park, London, Edinburgh, alongside the Tour de France and many more. It continues to tour festivals and events in 2015.

A trailer for the piece can be viewed here.

 My Orca and Me

CuddlesBen Driscoll, 2014-2015

A solo show about one man and his obsession with an animal he’s never seen.

A performance about Killer Whales, both captive and wild, with a look into some of the notable Orcas that have risen to fame. With a particular emphasis on Cuddles, the first Orca to be kept captive in the UK and one I’ve grown to obsess over.

An exploration into why I spend all night watching videos of these mammals, rather than sleeping. As I ask myself, where has this fascination come from?

I’m Holding a Sign


Image: © Katie Mellor

Ben Driscoll, 2014-2015

Standing in the street and holding a sign. A sign that say’s “I’m Holding a Sign” and waiting to see what reactions happen. A piece of performance art that questions the everyday and explores what people choose to acknowledge and choose to ignore.

A video taken in London of the piece may be viewed here.

Garon Park: Community Sport and Art Centre

Garon image

Image: © Clive Shiret

Clive Shiret, Garon Park Community Interest Company, 2014-2015

Alongside my work in Performance and art, I am linked to a proposal for the construction of a new multi-million pound Sports and Arts Complex in Southend. Assisting with presentation to potential collaborators, gathering stories and material from the past, present and future of the site and those it has and will continue to impact upon.

Phoenix Youth Theatre

phoenix-march-2014_5Louise Manders, 2013-2015

Alongside my practices, I have an ongoing collaboration with Phoenix Youth Theatre and their Artistic Director Louise Manders. Assisting with running sessions, devising and directing youths aged 5 to 18 in innovative theatre productions at multiple venues and festivals. Including work alongside artistic organisation, METAL: with work performed at their Shorelines Festival and a new devised site performance created and performed at their Southend base in Chalkwell Park.